Feeling Stressed Every Day? Fix These 3 Things

I want to show you a few great ways on how to find the stress relief, relaxation and to provide some helpful tips on how to control and get the help you need!

But it’s ultimately up to you

The sooner you begin to take control of the stress that life is throwing at you, the sooner you may find your way to a happier and healthier life. Just picture how much more you’ll enjoy your life and how much better you’ll feel when you get relief that you are craving! Well, I think I’ve talked long enough, let’s begin.

3 Ways to Banish Anxiety & Stress from Your Life

Sleep Yourself into a Better Life

It was brought to my attention how much a good night’s sleep is vital for the proper functioning of our brain and body.

After a couple of days staying awake at night with this cold, you’d be amazed how poorly you will be functioning both mentally and physically.

Also, let me tell you that every little problem or worry seemed to be magnified during that time as well.

I remember a quote that goes something like this:

A good laugh and a long sleep are the best cures in the doctor’s book. -Irish Proverb

You know, I think there’s something in that.

Every little problem that I had (or thought I had) was magnified until it became a major stumbling block. After a while, I wasn’t only losing sleep because of the cold, but also because of the worries that I was adding in my head.

It is essential for you and your stress relief to get proper amounts of sleep.

Studies have shown that people who get decent amounts of sleep are more productive, happy, relaxed and able to cope with their daily problems and concerns. People who get enough sleep are also healthier.

Did you know that your immune system weakens each time you don’t get enough sleep?

The acceptable amount is 8 hours, and some experts are now recommending that we get even more.

A lot of folks try to make up on the weekend for all the sleep they didn’t get during the week.

In some ways, it’s a good idea because you are getting some much-needed sleep, but you are also disrupting your normal sleep patterns which can make it more difficult for you to sleep properly during the week.

It’s much better for your health and stress levels to get the sleep you need each night.

I would recommend that you avoid stimulants or strenuous activity before you go to bed. Instead, focus on relaxing your body and winding down a bit.

Take a bath with a bit of lavender oil, light some candles, read a book (no scary stories if you want to sleep), have a cup of herbal tea, or some hot chocolate.

Relax your mind and body and prepare yourself for a good night’s sleep.

Some soft music is excellent, but keep it low key.

Don’t fall asleep in front of your TV.

Most of the shows aren’t designed to relax you and don’t contribute to restful night sleep.

Most of this information is common sense and easy to do; we have to make an effort to get the sleep we need.

You will soon notice the big difference in your health and outlook.

Sleep is the golden chain that ties health and our bodies together. -Thomas Dekker

Exercise for Anxiety and Stress Relief

If you do only this one thing to improve your health, make it regular physical activity.

Exercise has many more benefits than you might think.

It increases your energy, improves your libido (sex drive), lowers blood pressure, increases your resistance to disease, helps build lean muscle, AND you can even lose a few unwanted pounds!

It also (and this is important) improves your mood and your ability to handle stress. So, make a regular exercise program part of your stress relieving plan.

Well, now that you know that regular exercise can help your health and your ability to cope with stress, here are a few helpful tips to make the going easier.

First, find an activity that you enjoy and treat yourself to it each day. It’s all in the attitude. A task you enjoy becomes more natural, and you’ll be less likely to quit; so HAVE FUN.

It doesn’t have to take a lot of time, 20 minutes a day will help.

One of my favorite activities is walking; it’s cheap and easy! You get to check out the scenery, get fresh air and sunlight, and the exercise also increases feel-good endorphins. That makes it great for relieving stress.

Second, use your brain. Visualize yourself succeeding with your goal; whether it’s to lose a few pounds, get healthier, or feel better and less stressed. Your mind is an extremely powerful tool.

Use it whenever you can. If you see yourself succeeding, whether it’s to lose some weight, get physically fit, learn to handle your stress better, you WILL be able to do it. I believe Henry Ford said, “If you think you can do a thing, or if you think you cannot, in any case, you are right.”

Third, start slowly. Don’t overdo it, especially at first. The first time I started an exercise program that worked well for me, I told myself that I would only do it for 10 minutes, no more. The next week I only allowed myself 15 minutes, and then I had to stop.

Strange… when I wasn’t “allowed” to do more, suddenly it didn’t seem like work. I wanted to do it. Small steps are easier to manage than trying to do the entire task at once.

Fourth, get some help. There is no reason you have to shoulder it all on your own. It helps if you have someone you can go to for advice or encouragement. Surprisingly, the internet is an excellent place to find fitness help.

You probably wouldn’t have seen this many years ago, but there are some excellent fitness resources out there nowadays.

Fifth, do what works for you. Your best friend may love roller-blading (me, I fall on my butt every time I get on wheels), but if it’s not something that you enjoy and is good at, then it’ll do you no good because you won’t stick with it.

Sixth, give yourself some positive reinforcement. Set some small goals along the way and reward yourself when you meet them. For example, if you’ve exercised diligently for the entire week, treat yourself to a massage, or a new book, or something else that you enjoy.

Seventh, this tip may seem a bit tedious especially if you don’t like to write; but keep a log of how you’re doing (both physically and mentally). Look back on it after a few weeks to see how much you’ve improved. What a great confidence builder and what a boost to keep you motivated!

Eighth, be kind to yourself. Don’t beat yourself up too much if you miss a day and give yourself a break if you don’t see immediate results. Check out the log (from the previous tip) and see how much you’ve improved.

Last but not least, It’s probably a good idea to check with a doctor first before you start a new workout program, especially if you have any health issues.
Hope this is enough to get you started. Now get out and do something nice for yourself.

Diet & Stress Goes Hand In Hand

Stress and your diet seem to go hand in hand. A lot of us turn to food when we’re feeling anxious.

When I’m stressed, I grab for the closest comfort food I can find.

Of course, that doesn’t do anything for my weight, which is another cause of stress (if I let it get out of hand). The scales would continue to rise; I’d feel guilty and stressed about it, reach for more food…you get the picture.

Once I took control of my diet and eating habits and chose a more healthy response, I lost weight and felt better about myself and indeed a lot less stressed.

An important tip is to STAY AWAY from junk food!

Your body needs GOOD fuel to work efficiently.

Junk food gives you lots of fat and calories, but very little nutrition and vitamins. Many vitamins found in foods also contribute to your body’s ability to handle stress.

I find it helps to drink a glass of water before meals. It helps to fill you up, so you eat less and water is excellent for your body.

Another factor in relieving stress is your self-image.

If you feel unattractive, then your mood will reflect that. When I think that I look good, it’s amazing how my outlook on life improves. I don’t get as stressed because I feel more confident in myself and my abilities.

Some people can diet easily. I find it a bit more difficult; you may also.

I happen to like the idea of all the help that’s on the web nowadays. There’s so much to choose, generally something for every taste. I don’t know about you, but I hate to get weighed in front of other people, so the privacy of the web is a big plus.

I like the idea of making one simple change at a time, seems to be an excellent common-sense way to lose weight.

All foods are allowed. That’s another plus for me;

I don’t know why it is, but if I’m told I can’t have something, then it immediately becomes what I want most.

Check out the ones that are right for you. Try one of them out and start slow. Once you start, it WILL become more comfortable as you go.

Hope you’ve found this information and tips helpful. As always, I’m on the lookout for more information.


4 Unique Sun Lamps For SAD This Season!

If you find yourself going into a major funk, notice that you lack energy and experience a chemical imbalance this season; then purchasing a sunlamp can do wonders to improve your sleep cycle and your mood. Many people don’t get enough hours of sun exposure during the fall and winter months and depending on where you live it can be even worse.

So a light therapy unit is a really good idea, but what if you want something that compliments your home or office space? Not just the usual box-shaped device, but something kind of different for a change? Well below are some really sophisticated-looking products that you can purchase on Amazon and that won’t drain your wallet. Let’s get started!

Circadian Optics Lumine Light Therapy Lamp

If you’re looking to get the full benefits of 10,000 LUX, but don’t want to spend big bucks, then the Circadian Optics sun lamp might be just the perfect choice for you. At only $49.99, this little LED unit offers 3 levels of brightness of UV-filtered light.

The bulbs are guaranteed to give you 50,000 hours of usage and is completely unobtrusive thanks to it’s compact design. Even better is the fact that it produces a color temperature of 5500K; which is similar to the color temperature of authentic sunlight.

Verilux HappyLight Touch Therapy Tablet

Verilux have released yet another fine product. The HappyLight Touch Therapy 10,000 Lux LED Bright White Light Therapy Tablet One Touch Timer Adjustable Lux Intensity.

This time their latest sun lamp box comes with a built in timer that can be set using 4 options of 15 minute increments. This is definitely a nice touch if you’re ever concerned about getting consistent amounts of light exposure during the winter.

Verilux recommends starting with just 10 minutes and then steadily increasing the amount of usage to 1 hour. It’s also small enough that it can be used at work without taking up too much room. Price: $99.95

Northern Light Technology Flamingo 10,000 Lux Bright Light Therapy Floor Lamp

Yet another amazing product from one of the top manufacturers of light therapy boxes! Northern Light Technologies have really made use of an innovative design for this sun lamp for sad therapy usage. The Flamingo 10,000 LUX Floor Lamp stands 4′ tall, features an adjustable head for an unlimited combination of lighting angles and only uses 52 watts of energy.

The parabolic lens reflector also helps to cut down on glaring and the ballasts are flicker-free. This particular product is a nice alternative for those who want to keep their desk space freed-up. It is also aesthetically pleasing in it’s design to blend in as a small floor lamp from an interior design perspective.

The Flamingo Floor sun lamp is a really nice addition to the typical box design. Especially useful for situations where you want to read in bed, in a chair or to just lounge on your couch. Price: $229.99

Circadian Optics Lattis Light Therapy Lamp

Circadian Optics have produced something really unique here. This lattis light box is incredibly petite and highly, artistically pleasing. The lattis design is very attractive and is made to compliment the decor of almost any home or office space.

But just because it’s so small and takes on the look and feel of a sculpture piece doesn’t mean that it lacks on function. It’s hard to imagine, but this little unit actually gives off 10,000 LUX of full 5500K light, just like any other sun lamp in this list.

And like many units, it too has an led bulb life of 50,000 hours and features 3 intensity settings; giving the user more flexibility. Also, don’t worry about UV, because it uses 99.9% UV filtration.  Price: $49.99

Waking Up With Anxiety In The Middle Of The Night?

Finding peace with anxiety attacks at nightStress and anxiety are two factors of life that are just a reality; especially for adults. As human beings we learn to adapt and handle pressures from work, school, family and day-to-day tasks pretty well. General life experiences are probably the best teachers to show us what we can handle and what we are capable of. As a result; have you ever noticed that you don’t think so much about your worries or “bigger” life issues during the day time, but that when you lay down at night it all comes rushing at you? Do you find yourself waking up with anxiety in the middle of the night?

Nighttime is when human beings are the most vulnerable and it can be traced to our ancestors when just about anything and everything on this planet was trying to kill us. Yes, many thousands of years ago, when the sun set – it was rarely a safe place. These instincts are still hard-wired into us; except now our brains usually deal with anxiety over paying bills, what will come of our futures, will our loved ones always be safe and plenty of what ifs!

It’s incredibly common for just about anyone to feel vulnerable and have nighttime anxiety ruin a solid night’s sleep. And it can sometimes be terrifying. But don’t despair.

Here are some suggestions for the next time you find suffer from nocturnal anxiety..

Reducing Panic Attacks At Night

1. Breath

Whenever I wake up with anxiety and feel a panic attack coming on the first thing I try to do is  breath. You’ve heard it a million times, but breathing techniques really do wonders. The real trick is remembering to breath, because anxiety and panic attacks can be so intense that it cancels out all other thought processes or rational thinking. Make sure to focus only on continuous breathing and try to imagine your body and mind slowing down. Do this for several minutes. Then get up and remove yourself from the bed. You need to go sit and move the energy if possible.

2. Reevaluate

Next, Acknowledge the very thoughts that are triggering it. I understand that I am already having these specific thoughts about life, but I have to think about the thoughts themselves.

It’s important that you tell yourself “I know that I have every right to feel anxious about ___________”, but night time is a tool for sleeping; not a tool for solving problems “physically“. It is not a good moment to present resources to fix worries now. Also remind yourself that the world is not caving in around you and that it’s common for anyone to having worrying thoughts at night.

You also should remind yourself that you probably have a lot ahead of you and have all the time in the world to solve your concerning problems. Plus….the big one. You don’t always KNOW for certain that those “Scary” things in your mind will ever play out that negatively. In other words – remind yourself of miracles, that life is designed to work in your favor and that you are capable enough to overcome any of life’s obstacles IN THE DAY TIME.

Now think about that. There’s nothing you need to do to conquer stress when all that is required of you is to rest. This is the time to let that computer in your head meditate and program subconscious solutions into your being to help you with tomorrow. Sounds pretty way out, but that’s what your brain is – a VERY active computer that is constantly heat-seeking solutions to life’s problems. That’s how we survive. It works best when it can focus the majority of your body’s power on itself….at night!

3. Make a list

If you can identify what is specifically causing you to wake up with anxiety then get a notepad and document all of your concerns. For some of us our minds tend to fixate on fears and the big “what-ifs?”. If they stay in your mind then they tend to fester. Get them out into reality on paper where you can see them. Make a to-do list of fears and you may feel enough sense of accomplishment that you can get back to sleep feeling like you did something about it.

Try These Amazing Natural Remedies For Nighttime Anxiety

Try getting up and taking a calcium supplement the next time you find yourself waking up with anxiety. You can also start taking Vitamin D as this too has directly linked in numerous studies with depression and anxiety. It’s also recommended for those who struggle with S.A.D. Likewise, you may also investigate taking Magnesium. There is much evidence to suggest that most people do not get nearly enough magnesium for their benefit.  Whenever I wake up with a panic attack I’ll immediately go and take a couple of calcium and magnesium supplements. I find that within the hour I feel calmer and it helps me personally to get to sleep.

Ashwagandha is an ayurvedic herb that comes in powder form. You can mix just a little bit with juice or water, but I find that a cup of hot water with about 1 tsp mixed in really makes me feel relaxed. A caution for you – if you consider picking some up, please try it in a small amount at first to see how your body handles it. It can make you feel a little light-headed. But it’s thought to help with stress, healing, depression and anxiety. If you’re looking for something that may quickly calm your mind – give this one a shot.

Chamomile tea is another suggestion that might just become your new “nightly-ally”. This favorite, hot beverage contains Matricaria recutita which is a type of compound that binds to certain helpful brain receptors. Not only does it help you to relax, but it also tastes pretty delicious as well.

Valerian Root which you can acquire in supplement form has always been an old standby in my family. It acts as a type of “mild tranquilizer”. So if you experience bouts of insomnia after suffering from a frightening panic attack in the middle of the night – give this a shot. In fact in Europe it’s recognized as potential sleep aid.

Rescue Remedy is a fantastic, all-natural herbal concoction. Although it’s a smart solution to carry with you for when you feel anxiety coming on, it can also help in the middle of the night. This has always been a go-to formula in my family and it’s even safe for your pets!


The general methodology to this is simply:

  • Breath and calm your mind – first take control to stop the thoughts and lessen the symptoms (shallow breathing, hysterical feelings, sweating, heart palpitations, etc). Give it a second. You need to come down and be gentle with yourself. You’re experiencing a little nighttime PTSD.
  • Re-frame what is going on. You need to remove yourself from the place where you had the attack (your bed usually). Go into another room where it is dark and sit for a moment. Consider the thoughts that caused your attack. Usually these don’t seem like thoughts, but are manifested into very frightening feelings and sensations. This is when your thoughts have subconsciously gotten so out of control that they are activating your “fight-or-flight” response. This is unnecessary and I find it helpful to view it as a trick.
  • Document. If you can identify specific thought patterns that you feel are the cause of your anxiety then journal about them or make a list. Yes, even at night. The idea here is to get it out of your thought processes and to make yourself feel like you’re doing something about your worries. Let your mind go to sleep knowing that you at least acknowledged these thoughts and are taking some action.
  • Take something. Above there are some excellent suggestions for some natural sleep and relaxation aids that can help get your body and mind calmed down again. You’ve just been through a lot. Now your body is pumped with stimulation after an anxiety attack during sleep. That’s like drinking 12 espresso shots and then laying down for a nap. You need some herbal tea, supplements, aromatherapy or something that puts you back into the right state.
  • Return to breathing. When you get ready to lay back down return to the breathing. Breath in 1-2-3 through your nose, slowly and then exhale. Do this until you start to feel yourself grow tired. You need time to allow any natural sleep aid to work its magic and the breathing helps calm the whole body.

Anxiety is a part of life, but it does not have to ruin your life. It can be used as a tool rather than a crippling curse. There will never be a complete solution for these tendencies, but try to take comfort in knowing that we all experience them and hopefully these suggestions will help you If you’re waking up with anxiety in the middle of the night.





Organifi Green Juice Review

A bottle of Oraganifi

Taste: (5 / 5)

Ingredients: (5 / 5)

Price: (3.6 / 5)

Overall: (4.3 / 5)

Pros: Great taste, fantastic texture, quality ingredients, noticeable difference in health

Cons: Pricey


I was feeling absolutely horrible and decided to take a chance on Organifi Green Juice. Although the price may be a little steep for some there is no denying the health benefits and what I believe to be a fantastic tasting powdered greens drink. Please read my review in-depth to see if this green super food powder is a good fit for you.

$69.59 – 1 bottle

$149.95 – 3 bottle pack

$279.95 – 6 bottle pack

Check It Out

Why I Bought This

Unopened bottle of super food supplement powderAbout 3 weeks ago I started feeling physically off. I mean REALLY bad. It was getting to the point where I would come home from work and not feel like doing anything. Any sense of motivation would leave me and in all honesty I would just sit in front of the TV.

My body started feeling toxic and my energy level had completely plummeted. I’m partly to blame here, because I had started a bad habit of relying on fast food for meals on work days.

I would be the 1st person to tell anyone NOT to live that lifestyle, but it’s easy to slip into when you are working so much and have no time to eat healthier.

I am a very driven person so this is not like me. I have goals, but was getting frustrated that I didn’t feel like keeping house or even one of my favorite activities – reading. Yes, even reading became overwhelming. I just wanted to rest all the time and then pretty soon I felt this way at work.

But the worst symptom was the achiness in my joints and the muscle tenderness. Bending and lifting became a real problem. If I had to squat down to pick up something it would seem like it would take me 20 seconds to get back up. My thighs would feel so sore afterward.

Here I am just 31 years old and feeling like my body’s breaking down. Like I have the body of someone in their 80s. I even had a 21 year old coworker making fun of how slow I was.

It made me feel awful so I had a wake up called and set out to find a solution for myself and immediately started taking my vitamins and trying to eat healthier. The problem I found was trying to get all of the nutrients that my body requires. Being on the run and trying to eat healthier was too time consuming, exhausting and like I said earlier – coming home and preparing salads and vegetable dishes is not what I felt like doing.

It was at this time when I was doing some research online and getting ready to restock my inventory of supplements (vitamin C, D3, Magnesium, etc) that I read about Organifi Green Juice. It’s a green drink that comes in powder form. It was a little pricey and I didn’t know what to expect, but the benefits sounded amazing so I took a chance.

My Experience With Organifi

20160927_171309Organifi is made for people who need an immune system boost, who are feeling sluggish, who want to eat healthier, who desire to improve cognition and feel rejuvenated and experience better health.

This was definitely me, but I wasn’t sure if it would really be that effective since so many things are just hype.

You’ll see in the video above, me unpacking my first bottle of Organifi Green Juice. I received it about 3 days after ordering it and the first thing that I noticed about it was the size of the bottle. It was much larger than I had expected. Plus, to my surprise it came with it’s own scoop!

Note: I have read some reviews where people were complaining about the bottle not being “completely full”. This is not the case, rather the powder has “settled”. This is typical with bottled supplement powders. So no need to be alarmed.

What it smells like: This super food powder smells really good to me personally. I describe it as “minty” and with an aroma of “alfalfa”.

How it tastes: Fantastic. The taste is silky, refreshing and very smooth and it tastes wonderful. I actually find myself savoring every drop, but my girlfriend (who is a picky eater) does not like it at all.

What it makes me feel like: Every time I drink it I feel calm, my body feels cool and I just feel good instantly. It’s hard to explain, but I have noticed other people mention the same. It feels refreshing and like you are ingesting something very healthy and as it should! The ingredients are high caliber and are covered in further detail a little further down in this Organifi review.

How To Drink It: You simply mix one scoop to 8 – 16 oz of water, almond milk, coconut milk, smoothie or rice milk. I personally use just water and drink it 1 – 2 times a day. Most days I drink it just once, but occasionally I drink a second glass in the evening just to unwind. I still find that even after this it seems to last for a long time.

Currently: I have been using it for a couple of weeks now and I feel completely different. I feel light, vigorous and on track with where my health should be. Not going to guarantee the same for you, but this is how I personally feel.

My one major complaint is that it’s a little expensive. At the same time, considering the quality of the ingredients and how expensive super food powders can be – it’s probably priced right. Just in a perfect world this would be half the cost.

My Verdict

I definitely feel an improvement. I have more stamina, more energy, I feel more upbeat and have been more productive. Granted that I started cutting out the junk food, have been drinking more water and I still take my vitamins. But I honestly believe that Organifi has plaid a major part in my well-being.

Although not necessarily cheap, I feel that this product is beyond worth it and I certainly don’t have “buyer’s remorse”. It’s my new favorite beverage!

Note: If you want to check it out for yourself you can do so here..

For further details (such as ingredients) keep reading…

What Is It?

A bottle of OraganifiOrganifi Green Juice is a super food supplement that comes in powder form. It’s quick to mix up and easy to digest and was developed by Fitlife.tv founder Drew Canole. If you’re unsure of who he is – let’s just say that he has over 300,000 fans on YouTube, 1.7 million Facebook followers, used to be 35 lbs overweight and has built a fitness team that has touched many, many lives according to sources that I’ve read online.

This little super-food powder that has everyone talking is loaded with essential vitamins, nutrients and minerals that are difficult to absorb through normal diet alone.

For anyone feeling sluggish, having trouble concentrating, struggling with stress, suffering from a poor immune system or who simply wants to detoxify the body – some might tell you to give Organifi a try.

I, personally, would have to agree. It’s made with organic ingredients that have been gently-dried; which helps preserve all of the nutritional value that is packed into Organifi’s array of powerful herbs.

This powdered greens supplement is a nice formula that aims to prevent illness, disease, to boost the immune system, promote relaxation & calmness, help with blood pressure, improve mood and much more. But remember that most things “all-natural” are rarely ever approved by the FDA that you should take such ideas with a grain of salt.

Still – if you have a huge amount of faith in the health perks of mother nature’s natural resources then you might want to give this one a go.

Natural Health Benefits

  • No GMOs
  • Gluten-free
  • Soy free
  • Vegan-friendly
  • No juicing is required
  • Contains some of the most important super-foods
  • No preparation (blending or juicing)
  • Quick to drink when you’re busy

What’s In Organifi Green Juice?

Taking a closer look at this super-food supplement we find some very interesting ingredients.

It can be nearly impossible to get all of the nutritional requirements that the human body needs everyday. For instance, take into account how many servings of fruit and vegetables you would have to consume each day to maximize your body’s health. Most of us know this, but rarely do we find a solution to this problem. Luckily Organifi Green Juice has you covered by containing these key ingredients…

Supplement ingredients, facts & nutritional label for Organifi

Supplement ingredients, facts & nutritional label for Organifi



Chlorella is a fresh-water algae that is primarily farmed in Japan and Taiwan. It is extremely high in peptides, amino acids, vitamins and protein. It is commonly used for the prevention of cancers and to boost white blood cell counts. It can also be used to introduce healthy bacteria into the digestive system and to reduce ulcers.


Also known as “The drumstick tree”; Moringa is extremely high in potassium, vitamin C, B-6 and magnesium. It is typically used for anemia, arthritis, stomach & intestinal issues, high blood pressure, bacteria and fungal-related infections. It is also taken to boost the immune system and libido and may help with treating snake bites, gum disease and athlete’s foot.


Rich in chlorophyll, B vitamins, antioxidants and also very high in proteins – spirulina is a powdered form of algae. It is extremely high in iron, copper and omega-3s. It’s harvested in safe water environments essentially as pond scum. Yes – that’s right! but don’t be alarmed. Even though that may not sound appealing, spirulina is amazing for the immune system and is a vegetarian-friendly source of iron and nutrients.


Mentha or simply known as “mint” is a well-known herb that comes in many varieties. It originated in Asia and was a staple of ancient medicine; especially useful in the treatment of certain stomach issues. In fact there may be some evidence to suggest that it can help with the easing of Irritable Bowel Syndrome. Mint can pack a whopping 1620 micro-grams of carotene and 27 mg of vitamin C.

Red Beet

I personally can’t stand beets, but have grown up hearing all about how healthy they are for you. One of the good things about drinking Organifi is that I don’t have to worry about the taste (or the smell). But this strange, little root is packed with goodness. They are very high in potassium, vitamin C, B-6 and magnesium (one of my favorites for taking care of stress and sleeping better).

Matcha Green Tea

If you’ve never heard of Matcha; it’s literally powdered green tea leafs. This means that rather than disposing of the leafs after they have been used to make the tea – they are instead finely ground and the actual leafs are what you are consuming. Very high in antioxidants, all of the vitamins and B vitamins that you would expect and rich in catechin polyphenols (a type of antioxidant-rich compound); especially one that has gotten a lot of attention in the medical world – EGCG (epigallo-catechin gallate).


Wheatgrass is very popular in the juicing world, but the good news with Organifi is that it’s already done for you. Wheatgrass contains as many as 17 amino acids, contains lots of protein, selenium, amino acids, electrolytes, flavonoids and phenolic acid.


This plant has many, many names, but is more commonly known in the Western world as Ashwagandha. It is used in Ayurvedic medicine where it is known as “Indian Ginseng” and has a plethora of applications. It is used for improving brain function such as boosting cognition, supporting liver health, reducing fatigue, ulcers, lowering stress levels, fighting insomnia, lowering blood pressure, handling anxiety and promoting an overall calmness in the body.


Maybe you’ve cooked with it before, but you might not have known just how healthy turmeric can be. It’s commonly used in Ayurvedic medicine, but is starting to get the respect it deserves here in the Western world. Turmeric is very high in magnesium, iron and vitamin B-6 and has strong anti-inflammatory properties. It also may be beneficial in staving off depression.

Coconut Water

Organifi is infused with coconut; which is a good thing, because it’s very healthy. It’s believed that it may help in the prevention of Alzheimer’s disease and coconut also packs a powerful punch of manganese, potassium, zinc and amino acids. It also acts as an appetite suppressant (if you’re trying to lose weight), keeps you hydrated and is very rejuvenating for the skin.


For some Organifi will seem like a steep purchase. After all the current going rate is $69.95 per bottle. But when you break down the cost structure it proves that this is a good deal. You could buy the ingredients separately as I have done, but it’s far more costly. Plus the ingredients that go into Organifi are gently dried and very fresh.

The other packages range from 3 – 6 bottles per shipment ($149.95 – $279.95).

Where To Buy Organifi

It has yet to be available in stores, but there are currently two places online where you can order Organifi Green Juice. The first is the official website at http://www.organifi.com and the second option is through Amazon.

Return Policy

30-day money back guarantee. In order to get a refund after 30 days you must return the empty bottle and pay the shipping and handling cost. To receive the shipping address you can call Organifi during standard business hours (9AM – 5PM), Monday – Friday. You will be given a confirmation code. It’s important to keep your invoice on hand, because you will need to mail this back as well along with the confirmation number.

The resale of Organifi is not allowed, so in order to receive a full refund you must ship the empty bottle back

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5 Homemade Energy Drink Recipes

Homemade energy drink recipes that boost productivity and keep you sharpIf you find that you wake up most Monday mornings and have a hard time getting the day going; then you may be inclined to turn to the aid of an energy drink. Many people enjoy a few cups of coffee in the morning to bring them to a full state of alertness, but it’s understandable that not everyone enjoys this iconic beverage nor feels that it’s enough caffeine to get them going for the day.

Energy drinks have become a staple of many American’s diets, but there are some alarming truths that have come forward since beverage companies started producing and marketing these types of caffeinated drinks.

  • The average energy drink contains caffeine levels ranging from 72 – 150 mg per serving. Your standard cup of coffee contains roughly 134 – 240 mg of caffeine. But the problem is that an energy drink typically contains 2 – 3 servings per container; meaning that you are actually drinking anywhere from 200 – 450 mg of caffeine in one go. Not exactly healthy; especially when you consider that you are drinking all of that caffeine at once.
  • Consuming up to 400 mg of caffeine daily is not necessarily bad, but should be avoided by children, pregnant women and especially mothers who are nursing.
  • An extreme intake of caffeine can cause nervousness,arrhythmia, irritability and stomach issues.
  • Some energy drinks can contain 80 or more grams of sugar per can.
  • According to recent surveys – an increase in blood pressure has been associated with children who consume energy drinks

Healthier Alternatives

So if these types of beverages aren’t exactly the most desirable way to give us a boost then what can we do about it? Are there any healthier alternatives such as making our own energy drinks?

The answer is yes. Below you will find recipes that will show you how to make a homemade energy drink. These recipes are healthier substitutes and rely more on nutrition rather than just caffeine and non-approved FDA herbs alone.

#1 – Cocoa Energy Drink


  • 1 c. milk
  • 1/2 ripe banana, cut up
  • 2 tbsp. honey
  • 2 tbsp. unsweetened cocoa


Place all ingredients in a blender or food processor and mix well until banana has been broken down and is smooth.

#2 – Lemon-based Energy Drink


  • 1/4 c. of lime juice
  • 1/4 c. lemon juice
  • 1 ½ c. water
  • 1/8 tsp. sea salt
  • 2 tbsp. honey


Add to a food processor or blender and mix well. Transfer to bottles to enjoy while you’re on the move.

#3 – Simple Orange Drink


  • 1 1/2 c. water
  • 1/2 c. freshly-squeezed orange juice
  • 1/8 tsp. sea salt
  • 2 tbsp. honey


Mix in a blender, food processor or by hand in a pitcher

#4 – Strawberry Boost


  • 1/2 c. frozen strawberries
  • 2 tbsp. honey
  • 1/3 c. non-fat dry milk powder
  • 2 medium-sized peaches, pitted and chopped
  • 1 tbsp. lemon juice
  • 1/2 c. ice cubes


Add all ingredients into a blender or food processor and blend well. Add ice and blend again until ice becomes crushed.

#5 – Coconut Watermelon Booster


  • 1 cu. watermelon, cut into small pieces
  • 1 cu. coconut juice (or water – same thing)
  • 1 tbsp. sea salt
  • 1/4 cu. lime juice


Blend very fine in a blender or food processor

Final Thoughts On Homemade Energy Drinks

As you can see – these recipes contain all-natural ingredients and contain natural forms of sugar. Some of them require lemon juice; which is alkalizing and all but one contain honey – a better form of sugar. Many cleanses that are good for optimal health contain the combination of lemon juice and honey.

The idea here is to instead of loading up on caffeine to get you through the day; to instead rely on the nutrients found in fruits and natural juices. Feed the body well and can give you the energy that you need to live a productive 24 hours.



How To Meditate For Beginners

How to meditate and free your mindIt’s easy today, more than ever to get wrapped up in the world’s problems. We, as a human race are currently inundated with technology, the news, politics, cultural conflicts, racism, financial stresses and family circumstances.

So is life as they might say, but does it have to be this way? Although you can’t always change what goes on around you there may be a method to growing your capacity and your inner strength from within.

This method is called “meditation”; which is free of charge and can also bestow many physical and mental health benefits. Plus, after some practice you may enter a sacred place for yourself where you receive answers to some of life’s harder questions in the form of understanding yourself better.

There are many pills, gadgets and a lot of advice to combat the major issues of stress, anxiety and depression, but perhaps if there was ever anything that should draw more attention it’s meditation.

There have been many studies conducted on the efficacy of meditation; with some showing promising results while others reflected that there has never been a health benefit at all.

This seems a bit redundant, because the whole purpose of meditation is to get away from the normalized, conceptual-form of human thinking. To, for a time, forget all innovation, all past, all present and to be released from the unforeseen future as well.

Meditation is the idea of releasing yourself from “all things human” and perhaps to allow your brain to quietly take over for a while; without the need for R.E.M. sleep or that cliche “human-sounding” voice that’s in your head. If this sounds good to you and you believe that you might like to suspend yourself for a while then read on.

Proper Meditation Becomes A Lifestyle

Meditating to it’s fullest extant is not something that is achieved immediately. It does require consistency and schedule and it may take your higher mind some time to get used to shedding all of the inundation of the “realities” of life.

This being said, getting started with meditation does require some discipline. It’s been estimate that it takes roughly 21 days for a new habit to form. If you feel that meditating is important to you enough to rejuvenate yourself then make the commitment for 3 weeks and start out small.

Put Yourself In A Comfortable Place

There are different schools of thought here, but what works for you is enough. Just because some people choose to sit in a certain pose doesn’t mean that you need to if the pose is uncomfortable for you.

It is a good idea to set aside a place that is peaceful from common noises such as vehicle ambiance, people ambiance and entertainment ambiance.

A very quiet nature preserve or a special place in your home can work fine. It’s understandable that it can be hard to identify a good place such as this, but if you put some thought into it you can probably determine a zone that makes you feel much more at peace.

Get your body relaxed first. Try to sit with healthy posture, but make sure that it doesn’t cause any muscle groups to ache. If you need to wear special clothing that feels good to the skin such as pajamas – then do so.

If at night you require taking a good soak in the tub first with some lavender oil and/or Epsom salts to get your body relaxed – then do so.

Room Ambiance

Many people feel that guided meditation is the way to go. If this feels right to you then work from this, but the idea of meditation is to eliminate any reminders of life for a time being.

Music can be OK, but make sure that it is extremely simple and soothing. Nothing that contains any notes or instruments that your brain really needs to focus on. Ideally, quiet space is best, but to get started a simple meditative sound track like these ones can be good to get going.

Meditative Water Sounds

Relaxation Track

Candles and aromatherapy products can be greatly helpful. Scent is something that has a major influence over ourselves. Candles and aromatherapy products that are pleasant to you absolutely can be a good idea.

Breathing Techniques

There are plenty of breathing techniques available designed to help you reach a more relaxed state that is ready for deeper meditation.

Many of them focus on monitoring your breath and counting to a certain number. Sometimes this is a breathing count of 3 seconds while others are 7 seconds. The only issue with this may be the fact that it gives your mind an excuse to have that inner-dialogue again; which kind of degrades the whole point of meditation.

The simple truth is that every person is different. You can breath in as much as you can, no matter how old or young you are to the extent of your lungs and this should be enough. If you need to get started by counting as you breath then go ahead, but try to get to a point where you can take even the thought of numbers out of your mind.

The whole point is to stop thinking. Focus on breathing rather than thinking about your breathing.

  • Breath in as deep as you can and hold it for simply until you need to exhale – let your body guide you
  • Then exhale as evenly as you breathed in
  • Hold for a short while until your body desires that you breath again
  • Then repeat

The idea here is to eliminate all distractions from the outside world and your mind.

Quieting The Mind

Quieting the mind takes time and practice. The first few times you practice meditation there is a good chance that you will experience one or more of the following:

  • The inability to shut off the voice in your head
  • A feeling of restlessness or that the whole world is going on around you
  • That something bad could happen while you are taking refuge from daily life
  • Worrying about meeting a quota of meditation time
  • A simple fear that something will interrupt this sacred time with yourself

These are all very normal feelings and thoughts and are yet again a reflection of just how much outside pressure we take upon ourselves.

Perhaps one of the best ways to start meditating is to start out doing so for very short intervals. 5 – 10 minutes may be just what you need to get the feeling down.

You may also consider; when first starting a routine of meditation, to set aside time for short moments like this throughout the day. You will probably spend the first week or so learning how to quiet the mind and remember that this is something new for your body and mind to get used to.

Just because it’s called meditation and is supposed to be relaxing does not mean that it isn’t easy to get into. But imagine looking forward to a state where it requires little-to-no effort to go into.

A Word On Trance

Trance seems to have a negative connotation. Many people are afraid of being hypnotized for instance; believing that they will lose control over themselves or may not wake from a state of trance/hypnosis. The honest truth is that trance is an everyday part of life.

Have you ever wandered into a super-market with a predetermined item in mind and then suddenly found yourself staring at a shelf of food items; blanking out for several seconds and then coming to and realizing what you were there for?

Have you ever sat down to read a book and then after reading for a while; realized that 3 pages later you have no idea what you just read?

People “zone out” all day long. Your brain craves this. People go into trance when driving, shopping, watching TV or even taking tests. It’s just a normal part of life and there is nothing wrong with it. And it also can’t be thought of as day-dreaming when your brain gives you a brief respite from everything, all-together. Including thought processes.

Need To Take Baby Steps?

It’s OK if you need to do some basic leg-work first before you can start getting involved in meditation. There are actually many low-keyed activities that you can do that require only simple thought, but that also have similar, therapeutic benefits as well, because they can offer you a break from the demands of life. Here is a small list of simple activities that you may gravitate towards.

  • Working jigsaw puzzles – challenging enough, but keeps your mind focused on only one thing.
  • Coloring – yes, adult coloring books are becoming popular. Mainly because you don’t have to draw the lines to make the designs, but can rather just focus on adding in the colors that appease you.
  • Sculpting with clay or even Play-Doh
  • Building with Legos
  • Jewelry making
  • Crocheting
  • Teach yourself how to play an instrument
  • Constructing models of structures, fictional characters or even vehicles out of odds-and-ends laying around the house – Unlock your creativity and keep a box of spare parts and pieces that you find. A little paint, some junk and some glue can go a long way

If these things seem like child-play to you; then this is the point. Children find interesting ways to distract themselves and to just have fun. There is a child in all of us that at some point or another that needs to come out.

Plus, all of these items beckon the creativity that lives in each of us; even if you consider yourself more left-brained.

How To Stop Panic Attacks At Night

It’s been a long day and now the sun has set and the world is bathed in darkness. It’s night time and it’s getting later and you start to feel the pull of a long day’s sleep. You wrap up all that needs to be done. You move yourself away from the television, brush your teeth, change into your nighttime attire, pull back the sheets, crawl into bed and with the flick of a switch – the light is out. Silence and now you are all to yourself and eagerly awaiting a good night’s sleep. Perhaps you are even married and find that your partner is already fast asleep beside you, but for whatever reason you cannot let down. You may even find yourself jealous or envious of other people who seem to easily fall fast asleep.

According to SleepMed 1 in 3 individuals will experience insomnia at some point in their lives. As the day closes off it can be quite common to experience a panic attack at night. The reasons can be many:

  • Work-related stress
  • Diet
  • Worried about life expectations
  • Feeling like you’re not caught up
  • Feeling that you’re going in the wrong direction in life
  • Financial worries
  • Thoughts of mortality for self and others

The list can go on-and-on and you probably are very aware of this. All of these things have to do with future and events that have yet to unravel or may will never, but somehow the anxiety in your mind tells you that these things will surely be inevitable. Anxiety can easily be triggered by one unpleasant thought; which then causes the mind to spiral out of control and soon enough you feel it in your body. From your breathing to your heart. Deep down inside you know that there is nothing that you need to do to fix tomorrow’s problems, tonight. If you could just get the rest you need you can address any concerns your mind has tomorrow. You know this, but how do you do it? Let’s see if there are some solutions…

Stopping Nighttime Panic Attacks By Removing These From Your Diet

This won’t solve the problem completely, but think of it as an important piece of the puzzle. Do you drink alcohol? do you consume a lot of coffee? can’t get away from sugar? what do these things all have in common? caffeine! and even a consistent dose of caffeine throughout the day may set you up for failure to fall asleep at night. Try to avoid drinking alcohol at night, because alcoholic beverages are a stimulus and a depressant; which is a bad combination. Also try to limit your intake of sugar and don’t assume that it’s all coming from beverages. Many solid foods contain high levels of sugar as well. Even so called “health” foods can contain a lot of sugars so make sure that you read labels and monitor your intake.

Avoid Light Stimulation

This website talks a lot about Light Boxes, but it also points out that they are best used in the morning, because using such a powerful source of light at night can cause sleep issues. Likewise; TV, computer and even smart phone screens can bombard your brain with stimulating signals that can make it difficult to get to sleep. Try to make a pact with yourself to avoid such devices for a couple of hours before sleep. What are the alternatives? working on a puzzle, reading, writing, drawing, shuffling cards. If any of these things seem boring to you then this may be a good idea, because it’s that restlessness of “needing to accomplish something now!” that we all have in us; which can set the mind up for a panic attack at night.

Using Meditation To Ease Anxiety At Night

Meditation may sound like a cliche answer and you’ve probably read about it’s benefits over-and-over again, but the simple truth is that it does work. It may not work immediately and does require discipline and a routine. Many people want to practice or have tried meditation to ease their anxiety, but will admit that they have a hard time sticking with it. This is because when you are fresh to meditation your thoughts want to fight you left-and-right. “This is stupid!”, “I’m wasting my time!”, “My grocery list is more important!”, “I can’t relax!” – these are all common thoughts during your first attempts at meditation and it’s normal. Meditation is about getting your normal voice out of your head and it’s worth it, because you may have some amazing experiences overtime.

Even in the daytime when you start to experience panic coming on, if possible to take 30 seconds to “clear your thoughts” you may find that you feel completely different and “clear-sighted”. Guided meditation is one option or meditating with the accompaniment of sounds or music, but ultimately total quietness while distancing the mind would be ideal. This is also going to be the form that challenges you the most, because you are asking your mind to ignore all that is around you. True meditation is the absence of thought; which you can think of as your little, daily vacation from all of your troubles. Instead of thinking that you are going to miss out – try thinking of it as a gift that you were born with being able to do.

Natural Aids For Creating Positive Drowsiness

Alcohol is an example of an aid that many people turn to at night which can make you feel drowsy, but it can also interrupt your sleep/wake cycle. So that’s not exactly healthy, but there are some natural solutions that can help you over the course of a week get into a routine of actually feeling sleepy before bed time.

  • Calcium tablets
  • Ashwagandha
  • Valerian
  • Melatonin
  • Chamomile tea
  • Magnesium

There are plenty more such as Power to Sleep PM which contains many helpful ingredients such as passionflower ,GABA, lemon balm and hops extract. One word of caution is that just because you may want to conquer having anxiety at night doesn’t mean that you should try loading up on all of these at once. You should test everything out to see how your body responds first. Power to Sleep PM does contain the majority of the active ingredients listed above, but they seem to be the right amount for most people according to the reviews at Amazon.

Adjusting Your Bedroom Environment

It may seem like Hocus Pocus, but having the right bedroom arrangement can really make a difference in whether you are able to get calmed down at night or not. Certain ways that you have furniture angled, how you have your bed positioned and the direction of where your bed is pointed really can change everything. Feng Shui That Makes Sense covers a lot of what you may be interested to know and even has a special section dedicated to bedroom space.

Aromatics To Prevent Having Panic Attacks At Night

Having lit candles are an excellent way to calm the body and mind. One reason is that they can provide a sort of hypnotic, flickering source of light as a substitute for normal lighting such as a bed light. Plus you can have as many as you want. When you get ready to blow them out even the aromatic smoke left over can feel soothing. Three of the most calming scents are lavender, pine and sandalwood. You may want to find candles or scented oils that contain these soothing smells, but you can also find linen sprays to use for your bed sheets, covers and pillows.

Aural Ambiance For Sleeping

Some people cannot sleep with any noise going on around them at all; while others may benefit from this tip. There are certain sounds that you may find will help your mind drift into a sleepy state. For some it may be having the continuous, droning noise of a box fan near by. For others it may be the sound of Tibetan wind chimes or a Rain CD. And even believe it or not some people sleep better with the busy, background chatter of inner-city sounds. Whatever may work for you, if you have never tried aural ambiance before then don’t rule it out quite yet.

Still having trouble with panic attacks during the night OR day time? You may consider trying this approach to managing your anxiety.

5-Hydroxytryptophan (5-HTP) As An Antidepressant

5-HTP is made from a natural substance that is found in the seeds of the Griffonia Simplicifolia plant. This particular plant is a climbing plant that comes from both Central as well as Western Africa. Hydroxytryptophan; which is actually extracted from the seeds of the plant plays an important and natural role in the synthesis of Serotonin. If you’ve been following this blog then you will learn that Serotonin can be very powerful in regulating both sleep and your mood.

Why Take 5-HTP

Some people may consider taking this as a natural supplement as a supplement to an actual, commercially viable anti-depressant. It is actually popular in some parts of Europe as a method to address depression. The reasons can be many, but some people may desire to support a more natural approach to health or have experienced side effects from their current SSRI medication. It’s also important to note that where you may have no or poor success with an anti-depressant med that trying another with the guidance of your health care professional may yield the results that you need.

5-HTP is one natural supplement to consider so long as you consult with your doctor first to make sure that it’s right for you. It can be found in most health food stores, but one thing to remember is that if you find a brand that works for you – stick with it. The truth is that natural supplements are not regulated by the FDA; which means that different natural supplement companies are free to maintain their own dosages of the supplement. Changing from one brand to another may not be a good idea. Always try to stick with one brand consistently.


5-HTP is taken to help with sleep disorders, eating disorders, depression, anxiety and migraines to name a few. Several trials have been conducted that revealed that taking 50 – 3000 MG consistently for 2 or more weeks can ease the symptoms of depression. Other studies have shown that 5-HTP may be just as effective as most, standard anti-depressant medications.

One thing that you don’t want to attempt is to take both an anti-depressant and Hydroxytryptophan alongside each other, because they can interfere with each other. 5-HTP helps to increase Serotonin production to the brain

5-HTP decarboxylates with Serotonin with an L-amino acid and with the help of vitamin B6 through both the liver (where the majority of Serotonin is produced) and nervous tissue.

Reflexology For Depression – A Good Fit?

An ancient Egyptian pictograph depicting four figures practicing body work healing.

An ancient Egyptian pictograph depicting four figures practicing body work healing.

Reflexology is a type of alternative medicine known as body work. Although it can include the hands, feet and ears; the majority of reflexology is performed on the feet.

Amazingly it can be traced back to ancient Egypt and has been used for thousands of years in various forms all around the world. In fact the earliest recording of this type of healing may be a pictograph dated 2,500 B.C. in The Physician’s Tomb in Saqqara, Egypt. In this image, four figures are shown working on each others hands and feet. However, the reflexology of today is no doubt quite a bit different than it was all those years ago.

How Does Reflexology Work?

reflexology-foot-pressure-pointsThe concept behind this type of pressure work is that certain zones on a foot correspond to certain anatomical parts of the body. The theory is that by applying pressure to these points; healing is promoted in certain areas of the body.

For example: The bottom of the pinkie toe is associated with the ear while the arch of the foot may relate to organs such as the pancreas, kidneys and bladder. When a practitioner uses thumb and finger techniques to apply a certain amount of pressure to these areas it is believed that there is a positive effect on the functioning of these parts of the body.

Reflexology isn’t that different from acupuncture in the fact that both methods are designed to work with energy pathways known as qi (chee). The difference is that acupressure consists of well over 800 pressure points that travel along meridian energy pathways.

With reflexology, the goal is to promote health in the organs and to release stress from the body. Although there isn’t a lot of research regarding reflexology depression techniques; this form of foot work is often used to address hormonal imbalances, PMS and stress related problems.

Does Reflexology Work For Depression?

acupressure-for-treating-depressionDepression creates a cacophony of feelings and undesired emotions about life and ones self. Any non-invasive and safe technique that can be used to maintain a healthy outlook on life is unarguably beneficial. So although there isn’t any concrete research to support that reflexology treats depression – it may be something to add to the toolkit of positive lifestyle techniques.

However, studies performed by the National Cancer Institute have suggested that reflexology could potentially diminish pain and psychological distress such as anxiety and depression.

According to reflexology-research.com, 29 studies showed that this kind of body work can aid in releasing stress, aches and tension in the body. It has also been very popular for some time now in Asia and Europe. In fact 20+% of the population of Denmark have reported using reflexology at least once in their lifetime and a fair number of Denmark-based companies have hired on site reflexologists for their employees.

One excellent component of reflexology is that you can learn to work on your own feet and hands if you choose not to visit a reflexologist. Although this naturally can take some study; reflexology is fairly straight forward and there are many books and charts to help you learn the technique. Some people are understandably hesitant about taking medication to treat depression. For such people there are more natural methods to leading a calm lifestyle.

Body work is one such approach that may help some people relieve worries and strong emotions that often come packaged with depression. Other techniques that might be of use may include meditation, EFT tapping and Qigong.

A Breakdown Of What SAD Is


For those of you who are just learning about the term “Seasonal affective disorder” and for anyone who struggles during the winter with their depression; Here’s an audio presentation/podcast that educates you about some of the more important focus points that you need to know about SAD. Yes, some methods of therapy that have been commonly used over the years are referenced at the end of this presentation, but it’s also important to understand how SAD affects people and what could be the trigger point.