Philips HF3520 Wake Up Light Review

Rating: (4.5 / 5)

The Philips HF3520 Wake-Up Light With Colored Sunrise Simulation
is a star player in the Amazon marketplace and a #1 featured product under the category “Light Therapy Products”.

Key features include:

  • 20 different brightness settings
  • Touch snooze and a built in FM radio
  • Long-lasting LEDs
  • Sunrise simulation
  • Dusk simulation
  • A variety of 5 different sounds to wake up to

Compared to Philip’s other models of the HF3500 and the HF3510, the Philips HF3520 Wake Up Light has a lot more features than it’s predecessors.

Research conducted independently reveals that 92% of users have greater success getting out of bed and getting a great start to their day.


The Philips HF3520 is a very intuitively designed wake up light that gradually increases it’s brightness starting 20 – 40 minutes before the time that your alarm should go off. As a result of this it makes your mornings easier and less depressing, because you’re not being jolted out of bed, but rather gently eased into waking up; feeling healthy and rejuvenated.

A lot of research was backed by Philips in designing this product to figure out the best way to get people moving in the morning and improve their moods. This is also a good item to have if you have to get up really early for work when it’s still dark out.

It has touchscreen buttons that give you a lot of control over the settings and the ability to adjust the brightness of the Philips HF3520.


The layout of the buttons feels slightly foreign and may be a little confusing to get used to for some people. It uses a touch screen near the bottom portion of the light that isn’t visible until your finger is close to the surface. The quality of the audio could be improved in this model as the speaker, which is positioned on the backside might not be the best placement to project morning wake up sounds.

This light is not a good solution for treating Seasonal Affective Disorder as it only puts out 300 LUX of light and you will need 10,000 for SAD.


The Philips HF3520 is designed and clinically proven to help people get to sleep and to come out of “the fog” gently. It has a dusk simulation setting which slowly dims the light to ease you into a resting state and help you fall asleep. The dawn setting will do the opposite and gradually wake you up in a relaxed manner by slowly increasing the light intensity and can be set to have wake up sounds such as birds chirping.

Although the touch screen buttons may be a little tricky to navigate at first; it doesn’t take long to get used to them and they provide a lot of control over how you want to use the Philips HF3520. Plus you have at your hands 20 different brightness settings to work with. There’s even a Smart Snooze setting that you can activate by simply touching anywhere on the light’s surface, so you don’t have to fumble with trying to find the right button. This will give you an additional 9 minutes of extra sleep time, before the alarm goes off.


If you dread getting up early, especially if it’s still dark out and find this to be a depressing way to start your day, you might want to give the Philips HF3520 Wake Up Light a good shot. Research and consumer reviews reflect that this particular model really aids in waking up energized and in the right frame of mind.

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