4 Unique Sun Lamps For SAD This Season!

If you find yourself going into a major funk, notice that you lack energy and experience a chemical imbalance this season; then purchasing a sunlamp can do wonders to improve your sleep cycle and your mood. Many people don’t get enough hours of sun exposure during the fall and winter months and depending on where you live it can be even worse.

So a light therapy unit is a really good idea, but what if you want something that compliments your home or office space? Not just the usual box-shaped device, but something kind of different for a change? Well below are some really sophisticated-looking products that you can purchase on Amazon and that won’t drain your wallet. Let’s get started!

Circadian Optics Lumine Light Therapy Lamp

If you’re looking to get the full benefits of 10,000 LUX, but don’t want to spend big bucks, then the Circadian Optics sun lamp might be just the perfect choice for you. At only $49.99, this little LED unit offers 3 levels of brightness of UV-filtered light.

The bulbs are guaranteed to give you 50,000 hours of usage and is completely unobtrusive thanks to it’s compact design. Even better is the fact that it produces a color temperature of 5500K; which is similar to the color temperature of authentic sunlight.

Verilux HappyLight Touch Therapy Tablet

Verilux have released yet another fine product. The HappyLight Touch Therapy 10,000 Lux LED Bright White Light Therapy Tablet One Touch Timer Adjustable Lux Intensity.

This time their latest sun lamp box comes with a built in timer that can be set using 4 options of 15 minute increments. This is definitely a nice touch if you’re ever concerned about getting consistent amounts of light exposure during the winter.

Verilux recommends starting with just 10 minutes and then steadily increasing the amount of usage to 1 hour. It’s also small enough that it can be used at work without taking up too much room. Price: $99.95

Northern Light Technology Flamingo 10,000 Lux Bright Light Therapy Floor Lamp

Yet another amazing product from one of the top manufacturers of light therapy boxes! Northern Light Technologies have really made use of an innovative design for this sun lamp for sad therapy usage. The Flamingo 10,000 LUX Floor Lamp stands 4′ tall, features an adjustable head for an unlimited combination of lighting angles and only uses 52 watts of energy.

The parabolic lens reflector also helps to cut down on glaring and the ballasts are flicker-free. This particular product is a nice alternative for those who want to keep their desk space freed-up. It is also aesthetically pleasing in it’s design to blend in as a small floor lamp from an interior design perspective.

The Flamingo Floor sun lamp is a really nice addition to the typical box design. Especially useful for situations where you want to read in bed, in a chair or to just lounge on your couch. Price: $229.99

Circadian Optics Lattis Light Therapy Lamp

Circadian Optics have produced something really unique here. This lattis light box is incredibly petite and highly, artistically pleasing. The lattis design is very attractive and is made to compliment the decor of almost any home or office space.

But just because it’s so small and takes on the look and feel of a sculpture piece doesn’t mean that it lacks on function. It’s hard to imagine, but this little unit actually gives off 10,000 LUX of full 5500K light, just like any other sun lamp in this list.

And like many units, it too has an led bulb life of 50,000 hours and features 3 intensity settings; giving the user more flexibility. Also, don’t worry about UV, because it uses 99.9% UV filtration.  Price: $49.99