Seasonal Depression Test

Been feeling down lately and have some concerns about yourself? Notice that the changing of the seasons really get to you? You might have seasonal affective disorder, but only a doctor can really tell you if you have the mood disorder called SAD.

However, for a starting point this seasonal depression test might help you confirm things; although no internet seasonal depression quiz can be as complete as an evaluation by a medical professional; which is always recommended. You can take the seasonal affective disorder test below.

1) I tend to get the "Winter Blues"
2) When I'm depressed I find that I gain weight
3) I sometimes oversleep and feel tired and draggy throughout the day
4) I've been eating a lot of carbohydrates (breads, sweets, pizza, snacks)
5) When dealing with other people I am very sensitive to their comments and find myself becoming a little emotional.
6) I seem to feel down during the Winter every year or have at least noticed it for the last 2 years.
7) Do you typically feel depressed during Spring and Summer?
8) When I'm depressed I tend to isolate myself from social interactions and just want be home.
9) I tend to withdraw from my friends and family members