NorthStar 10,000 Light Box Review

(5 / 5)

Recently I wanted to take a closer look at the NorthStar 10,000 LUX light box and this is what I discovered.


A look at the light boxLifetime Warranty to original owner

I looked around, but could not find a warranty  like this for other light boxes. This unit is made by Alaska Northern Lights who really seem to value their customers. So much so that there is even a printable insurance form on their website that you can print from their website and fill out with your doctor.

60 Day trial – 100% money back guarantee

There is a 60 day, 100% money back guarantee. I was shocked to see this, because most company’s refund policies are only for 30 days.

Cost effective over other SAD lights

When you’ve got something like a light box that’s putting out 10,000 LUX (which is a lot), you have to worry about your electric bill, unless the device is well made. The NorthStar is built to be very energy efficient and uses low wattage.

specifications for the NorthStar light box

specifications for the NorthStar light box

95% Reflective finish

It uses a 95% reflective mirror. This allows for a full distribution of light, rather than just aiming it directly at you. This emulates sunlight more naturally.

No Harmful UV rays

You always want to make sure that a therapy light is designed to filter out harmful UV rays, but not all of them do. This device uses 2 Broad spectrum biax bulbs without the worry of UV rays.

Light bulbs are covered by a 1 year warranty

When doing my own research, I’ve looked at a lot of lights and have never seen this offered before. Plus, many models these days are using LEDs, but these tend to burn out quickly. So if your bulbs go out within a year you’re covered.

NorthStar being usedIsn’t Time Consuming

The average usage time of this unit is only 15 minutes, compared to 30 – 45 minutes for other models and sometimes longer.

Proven To Be Effective In Clinical Trials And Doctor Recommended

It’s been tested to be effective and a lot of doctors seem very comfortable with recommending this model.

Very Quiet And Soothing

Even though it’s ballast registers at 25,000 Hz, there’s no humming or noise and unlike some lights – this one doesn’t flicker and make you tense.

Built In Light Diffuser

This is important, because light boxes can make you feel like a deer in headlights and they can be too bright. The NorthStar distributes the light more naturally so that you get the same benefits, but it’s still soothing and not at all uncomfortable to be around.


This is a really great product, but I have three complaints with it.

  1. It’s a little heavy weighing in at 10 lbs. I don’t think 10 pounds is heavy at all, but I’m a grown man. This might be a little annoying for others.
  2. I understand that its dimensions need to be a little large for optimum distribution of light, but I hope they can come up with a slightly more compact version in the future. But the ability to sit it horizontally or vertically makes it easy to fit in the home.
  3. It’s not much for looks. No rounded edges or corners. Very simple design, but not the sleekest compared to other models.